Who are we?

Museum of Electricity in Lisbon in Portugal (photographed by Zoran Kirchhoffer).

Craft Industrial Archaeology

Craft was established in 2012, but its founders (Sonja and Zoran Kirchhoffer) have been long engaged in this business. In the center of this business are movable objects of technical nature most of which belong to the Modern Age heritage. The goal of the business is to preserve the industrial heritage which is why the craft was named industrial archaeology. Here we can, to some extent, make a comparison with the work of archaeologists, since the large amount of technical material should be sorted out to those worth revitalization, or more often revitalize those items already declared worthy of that act by someone else.

About our team

Our small team (couple) has a high education and represents a mixture of technical and social sciences which enables us to do different components of the job in a professional way. We follow modern trends in restoration, as well as innovations in other areas such as engineering and museology which gives us a competitive advantage in the market. We are ready to cooperate with experts from other fields to do individual tasks, where this cooperation is necessary, to performe in the most professional way, preferring always quality over quantity.