Interior of the Science museum in London, UK

Our restoration and conservation services primarily need cultural institutions engaged in antiquities. Beside them our clients are other institutions with very different interests (commercial, administrative, religious and others), who seek restoration and conservation services usually at renewal or purchase of its facilities. The smallest part of our clients are private persons, and because of those "small" users we introduced in our program service of partial work where we respect the priority list, defined for each subject individually.

Our clients:

  • Typhlological museum Zagreb.
  • Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka,
  • City Museum Karlovac,
  • Croatian Railway Museum,
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Zagrebu,
  • National park and the memorial area Brijuni,
  • Center for Women's Studies in Zagreb,
  • Municipality Brtonigla,
  • Rotary Club Karlovac (High school Karlovcu),