Carriage Landau - Brijuni

Antique store Charlestone, South Carolina(photographed by Zoran Kirchhoffer)

  • Category:
    Prometna tehnika
  • Type of item:
    'A Five Glass Landau'
  • Year:
    second half of the 19th century, beginnig of 20th century
  • Materials:
    F. Keibl, A. Marchesini, C. Woolf
  • Materials:
    wood, metal, glass, fiber, leather
  • Type of action:
    Restoration and conservation
  • Condition:
    restored, whole and functional
  • Location:
    National park and memorial area Brijuni
  • Carriage Landau


  • Carriage Landau


  • Carriage Landau


  • Carriage Landau


Landau carriage located in a collection of carriages on Brijuni is a simpler example of the carriage of this type, in terms of its decorations, which is in line with its assumed primary function of city vehicle. The carriage is painted black, and in some places, such as undercarriage, wheels and door is decorated with a thin drawn golden lines that contribute to the visual elegance of the vehicle.

Project documentation
Zoran i Sonja Kirchhoffer, Proposed organization of the new collection of carriages in Museum and National Park Brijuni, Brijuni, 2012.