What we offer?

Old mechanical workshop

Basic services

Craft Industrial archaeology is specialized in preventive care, planning and projecting, restoration and conservation of movable objects of a technical nature, and sometimes other types of objects, except those which belong to the classical artistic domain. As part of the craft we offer a variety of services that include a diversified range from:

  • preparation of studies containing a list of necessary work,
  • testing and analysis of materials, and the state of object itself,
  • determining the list of priorities together with the customer,
  • the restoration process,
  • consulting with other experts for various materials,
  • preparation of documentation,
  • ensuring adequate conditions for storing the objects,
  • to monitoring his condition.


We specialized in the restoration and maintenance of objects from:

  • metal,
  • plastic-rubber,
  • glass,
  • ceramics,
  • wood,
  • leather and other materials.

In order to provide quality services we apply modern technologies in our work, which is why we attend various forms of training (professional and scientific), and that allows us to achieve excellent results. In our work, we hold safety and existing environmental standards in the highest regard, and strive to use resources that are environmentally friendly.