Terms and conditins

Antique store Charlestone, South Carolina(photographed by Zoran Kirchhoffer)

Who can buy on our site?

The buyer can be any adult and legally capable person who accepts our terms and conditions, which is confirmed by your order. Acceptance of general conditions of business customer confirms when ordering items through our online shop. All prices are in HRK. The procedure and terms of purchase through the web shop are defined through the following actions: customer registration, order, payment and delivery. Buyer is any person who after registering electronically orders at least one subject.

Which items can be purchased on our website?

Items at issue are old objects for different purposes, that have historical value due to its age and rarity.

Issuance of invoices

Craft Industrial archaeology is obligated to issue an invoice for the purchase with additional information about the item. Items can not be advertised and returned, and the seller guarantees that the item he sells is identical to the item on the photo. We send additional photos at the request.

Shipping to foreign countries and customs

The buyer shall bear the cost of shipping items overseas and customs.


To register on the site Industrial archaeology you must be at least 18 years old. When ordering for the first time through the electronic form, it is necessary to first do the registration on the website www.industrijska-arheologija.hr. After a successful registration (duly completed all the required information) you will receive e-mail notification about successfully completing the registration. In the same e-mail message you will be asked to click a link to confirm that this is your address. If you have forgotten your username, click on the link You forgot your username? Or You forgot your password? after which you will receive, by email, a new password or user name. By choosing username and password and entering all the required data, you become our registered user. As a registered user you can freely buy in our online store.


Buyer orderes items through an electronic order form where he selects a particular item and stores it in the cart. After selecting the desired item or items by clicking on the link Buy, the system leads you to the page on which you must confirm the accuracy of the data entered. Once we receive your order you will receive a return e-mail with confirmation of successfully completing orders or purchase.

Payment methods

  • Cash
  • After delivery or cash on delivery
  • Wire transfer (for legal entities) or payment slip (citizens)

Wire payment (by invoice) is intended for legal (companies, crafts) and natural persons (citizens). By arranging the order we will send you a pro forma invoice by e-mail that you specified in the ordering process. All your orders will be checked and we will contact you if any of the selected items is not available. Items that are paid by invoice are sent to you after payment is visible on our account.


Craft Industrial archaeology is not responsible for possible damage of the items occurring during delivery.


Dear customers of our web store Industrial archaeology, our delivery is valid in the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia and the shipments are delivered through HP Express. Delivery is carried out only on weekdays from Monday to Friday. For purchases over HRK 1,000.00, delivery is free on Croatian territory. Outside the Croatian territory delivery is charged regardless of the amount of purchases.